Now taking orders!

Prices for Cordell’s Cow Whips:

6ft -$120.00

7ft- $130.00

8ft- $140.00

(Shipping not included)

All whips are custom made to order. Prices includes a standard ash handle. Exotic wood handles are also available.

“Don’t be fooled by Cordell’s age. His cow whips are as good as they come. In fact, Cordell’s whips  have a ‘Double Guarantee’ on workmanship. Cordell backs his work and so do I!”  – Rhett Kelley

Please direct all inquiries to rhettswhips@yahoo.com.

7 Responses to Ordering

  1. orlando duke says:

    Hi, I have bought 2 whips from your dad and they are great. I just learned that he has stopped taking orders for a while and i am interested in a 5 foot cow whip. Can you fill the order if so please send me the price and and how to send the payment. Thank you Orlando Duke

  2. Guy Washburn & Sons Fine Woodworking says:

    Hello Cordell & Rhett,
    My name is Guy Washburn, my son Ryan (also 10yrs of age) were on youtube watching videos of aircraft sonic booms when a video of whips came across the screen, well needless to say we were both captivated and must have viewed every video on whips we came across (hours on end) which of course led us to the art of whip making etc. which in turn led us here.
    This took me back to my youth and as a barrel racer and rodeo cowboy Wannabe had fashioned some crude (did I mention CRUDE) whips to mess with, pretty much got discouraged (welts, blood, and pain have a way of doing that) so I stuck with riding,racing,and roping (also pain full at times), but at least I Had an idea of what I was doing. Well enough of the yada yada. What I am Interested in is a 6 footer crafted by Cordell for my son Ryan… no offense Rhett!!. My thoughts are how neat will it be to have your 1st whip at the age of 10 crafted by a 10 yr old?
    Anyway he has voiced an interest in something in a two tone Bright blue/Black. (His older brothers tell him that it’s a great color choice in that after a day the whip will blend nicely with his body!) I stand to differ, as at 52 I’ve been there, done that and have finally come to the conclusion that “Safety is no accident”.
    If this sounds like something you would be interested in you can email me or give me a holler @ (860) 671-1192
    Thanks for your time…
    p.s. Ryan won’t let me rest, and he thinks Adam Winrich is some sort of God. PLEASE HELP!!! I’ve created a monster!!! GW

  3. David Spreen says:

    Hi I have several of your dads whips and since he isn’t taking orders right now I was wondering if you could make me a matched pair of 6ft cow whip plaes:)


  4. David Spreen says:

    Hi Rhett! Just wondering if Cordell was up to making a matched pair of cow whips for me?


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